Technology location Münster
First Choice for Technology Companies

Münsters profile as a technology site is closely connected to the scientific potential of the local university and the technical university. These institutions have an enormous impact on the formation of Münster as an accepted research and technology place.

The Technology Centre is an important node within the local technology network. Thus the universities transfer office and numerous branch initiatives and associations are located in the Technology Centre.

The »most worth living city in the world«

In October 2004 Münster has been awarded as the world's most liveable community in the category Cities with 200.000 to 750.000 inhabitants. Münster topped all international competitors like Seattle/USA, Okoyama/Japan or Coventry/UK.

Five categories have been analyzed by the jury:

  • Enhancement of the landscape
  • Heritage Management
  • Environmentally sensitive practices
  • Community involvement
  • Planning for the future

In all five categories, Münster gained the highest possible rating.

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