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Dr. Stephan Hamm, Dr. Peter Luthardt, Dr. Armin Maulshagen, Franz Bernhard Jöne 

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Dr. Stephan Hamm
Managing Director I Phone: +49 (0) 251-384415-11

Work experience: 16 years (in this field)
special subject: Organic contaminants in the environment, in products and accidental releases 
Publications: 25
Responsibilities: Customer Service/Sales
Profile: client focussed expert
  • Consultant for industrial companies and international associations
  • Invited lecturer in Tokyo, Taipeh, Barcelona, Berlin, Detroit
  • Member of the DIN-working group on „Bromphenylether“


Dr. Peter Luthardt
Managing Director I Phone: +49 (0) 251-384415-15

Work experience: 14 years (in this field)
Spezialgebiet: Organic contaminants in emissions
Publications: 40
Responsibilities: Sales/Marketing
Profile: creative allrounder
  • invited lecturer at the University of Orléans
  • Co-Editor of the journal ESPR Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  • additional study of journalism


Franz Bernhard Jöne
Managing Director I Phone: +49 (0) 251-384415-07

Work experience: 17 years
Special subject: Dioxins and heavy metals in emissions
Responsibilies: Head of laboratory
Profile: Scheduler and disposer
  • Expert for heavy metals and element analyses
  • Specialist in sampling techniques
  • Specialist for working security 


Dr. Armin Maulshagen
Head of R&D / QA I Phone: +49 (0) 251-384415-16

Work experience: 15 years (in this field)
special subject: Analyses of organic trace components in general, „POPs“, dioxins in food & feed
and in samples of human origin, laboratory set-up, Quality assurance
Responsibilities: Laborleiter F&E, QM-Beauftragter
Profile: competent analyst
  • Expert of the accreditation bodies DACH and DASMIN for the sections GC/MS
    and dioxins/PCBs
  • Member of official expert groups
  • lecturer