The "dioxin-likes" and other PCBs

Basically the acute and individual requirements analysing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) are more differentiated and complex compared to any other substance class . . .

... but we are prepared:

  • 6 DIN- or 7 Indicator-congeners by GC/ECD-analysis
  • Total tri- to decaCB by GC/LRMS-analysis
  • 12 dioxin-like PCB (WHO-PCB) by GC/HRMS-analysis
    Further individual PCB congeners on request

separately or in combination with PCDD/F.

The matrices:

emissions (exhaust gas), immissions (ambient air), indoor and workplace air, depositions, types of dust, ashes, residual substances, waste, materials for utilisation, soil, refuse dumps, chemicals, raw materials, additives, water, waste water, sludge, sediments, biota, plants, wood, food, feeding stuff, carbon black, activated charcoal, plastics, india rubber, plastic shredder, fire residues, wipe samples, mineral oil, waste oil.

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molecular structure of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)