Quality instead of quantity

The mas laboratory is equipped with two low resolution GC/LRMS systems and one high resolution GC/HRMS system for the analysis of halogenated dioxins and furans (PXDD/F) and other organic trace contaminants.

We are focused and specialised on anything but routine. Every emissions sample is a unique item and product analysis claim to the same quality of work, since behind any product stands the obligation of our clients for consumer protection and product safety.

And that's our offer:

  • conceptual project management and sample preparation
  • individual handling (one responsible Person from sample preparation to internal presentation of results)
  • internal plausibility check by highly experienced experts for persistent organic pollutants
  • reports according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 requirements
  • presentation of the results according to the previously set schedule
  • client login with encoded real time data communication

… and more important: we will remain your contact person and partner for discussion even after finishing the project. 

The matrices:

emissions (exhaust gas), immissions (ambient air), indoor and workplace air, depositions, types of dust, ashes, residual substances, waste, materials for utilisation, soil, refuse dumps, chemicals, raw materials, additives, water, waste water, sludge, sediments, biota, plants, wood, food, feeding stuff, carbon black, activated charcoal, plastics, india rubber, plastic shredder, fire residues, wipe samples, mineral oil, waste oil.

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Molecular structure of PCDDs und PCDFs